About Us

Enrich the Moment. That is what computing was supposed to be all about. It was supposed to help people do more in less time, thereby allowing a person more free time to do what they wanted. Somewhere along the line however, the only thing technology was doing was helping us do more work.

Then came along the iPhone. People complained it wasn't work friendly enough. We think they kind of missed the point: here is a device that actually helps people do the things they care about most. Things like listening to music, surfing the internet, figuring out where they are after that last wrong turn. Thus, a device that actually does "enrich the moment."

We formed Ontomni in April 2008, realizing we had all sorts of great ideas for this great little device that could help people enrich their lives even more.

Learn new things.
Entertain yourself in spare moments.
Capture and manage the information you care about.
Collaborate with your friends.

Ontomni - building applications that enrich the moment.


Contact Us

Corporate Headquarters
1910 E 17th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80206

email: contact@ontomni.com

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ontomni

twitter: @ontomni