Missing Groceries Icon

The 2.7.3 version of Groceries seems to be causing a blank icon for some customer. This appears to be an Apple update issue. The solution follows:

Approach One

Reboot your iPhone or iPod.

Approach Two

  1. Mail yourself a backup
    1. Tap the blue action button
    2. Ttap Export / Backup
    3. In the Create a Backup section... tap Email a Backup.
    4. Send the email to yourself.
  2. Reinstall the app
    1. From the homescreen, press and hold on the blank groceries icon until it jiggles.
    2. Tap the X in the circle in the upper right hand corner of the icon.
    3. Accept the prompt when it asks you to delete the app
    4. Launch the Appstore
    5. Tap the Updates Tab
    6. Tap "Purchased" at the top of the screen
    7. Tap the "Not on this iPhone" toggle at the top of the screen.
    8. Tap the Cloud button next to Groceries in the list.
  3. Reimport your data.
    1. Launch Mail on the iPhone
    2. Open the backup email you sent above.
    3. Press and hold the attachment file.
    4. Tap Open with...
    5. Tap Listomni
    6. Follow the prompts.