Listomni Item Generator Beta:


Listomni Item Generator is an online Google Spreadsheet you can use to generate Listomni item import links from your computer.


  1. Gmail account. (It's free! Create a new Google Account)
  2. Safari or Firefox. ( Internet Explorer's javascript is too slow to be effective, and it truncates URLs bigger than 2Kb.)
  3. Mac or PC.

To Setup:

  1. On your computer, login to your google docs.
  2. Navigate to the Listomni Item Generator Template (
  3. From the File menu Select Make a Copy:
  4. Give your copy a name and save it. This will open the spreadsheet.
In the future when creating items, you can go to and reopen your copy from the Spreadsheets or All Items section.


After you've opened your copy of the spreadsheet it should look something like this:

The main Areas are described below.

  1. The Template Header. (Don't edit this section.)
  2. The Items Area (This is where to enter or paste content. )
  3. The Gadget Window. (This builds links which you can then cut and paste into a mail)
  4. Change between Templates (There are different templates for each List Type. (Groceries and Gifts apps will only import items from their respective list types. )

To Use:

  1. Log in to GMail. (This needs to happen first or the link in the Gadget window won't open a new mail message )
  2. Log into and open the copy you made in the setup stage above.
  3. Enter Your Items into the Items Area (Area 2 above).
    You can either type items in or cut and paste from another spreadsheet you already have.
    Note that google spreadsheets can also export or import from Excel, CSV, and other formats.
    Also Note that Fill Down does not have a menu item but ctrl-d (command-d) on mac performs this function in Google Spreadsheets
    More Help on Google Spreadsheets can be found at .
  4. Resize the Gadget Window.
    (This is sadly the best way I've found to force it to update. I'll work on a button for future releases.)
  5. Select the text "Import x Items" in the Gadget Window.
  6. Copy the text. (Ctrl-C or Command-C)
  7. "Click compose Message in GMAIL" link in the Gadget Window.
    (If you haven't logged into gmail in this web session, then this will open gmail, but
    NOT a compose Window. Click the link a second time if you have this problem.)
  8. Paste the Link into the Gmail Compose Window (pictured below.) (Ctrl - v or Command-v)
    Note that the Gmail Editor needs to be in Rich Text Mode. There will be toolbar buttons at the top of the window: (2)) When you the paste the link, it should appear like a standard weblink (1)
  9. Send the mail to an account you can download on your iphone.
  10. On your iPhone view the mail message (Download Entire message if the option is given.)
  11. Click on the "Import x Items" link on the iPhone.
  12. Listomni will launch, and guide your through the import.


  1. Don't modify the first header row in the spreadsheet. The top row needs to remain exactly the same.
  2. Don't remove the second header row. (The second header row is ignored so it doesn't matter what you type in there)
  3. Don't mess with the Gadget's settings unless you've added more cells to the spreadsheet.
  4. You can't add fields to the phone by adding more columns, so don't try. (We'll get there eventually.)
  5. The Date formats need to be "January 1, 2008" style. All the date columns should be setup this way already
  6. The Number formats should be like this: 1000.0 (No commas, No currency symbols, no percent symbols.
  7. When you import on the phone, the dictionary is also updated.
  8. Import speed on the phone is currently only about 100 items per minute. (we'll work on that in a subsequent release)
  9. You need to mail from GMAIL. Don't bother trying to email from your desktop mail client, as the link get's mangled when leaving Safari and Firefox.
  10. Blank rows (and columns) are ignored.

Correct Gadget Settings:

  1. Click in the Gadget Window.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Ensure:
    1. The Gadget's "Target Item Type" matches the Template Type you're using
    2. The number of header rows is set to One.
    3. The Range is set to "TemplateName!A1:F99" where 99 is the last row to process, and F is the last column with values in it.


  1. Problem: Phone prompts to "Import 0 items into Listomni?" then crashes...
    Reason: Corrupt link. Make sure you're:
    1. Mailing the link from Gmail in the same browse program that you copied the link for.
    2. Ensure you're actually selecting the text and copying it, rather than right clicking and selecting copy link.
    3. Ensure you're not using IE.
    4. Ensure date formats match above
    5. Check the gadget settings (Above)
    6. Text Data in a Column which should be a Date, or a Number.
  2. Problem: I've entered more than 97 items but the import link only says "Import 97 items"
    Reason:Check the Gadget Settings to ensure all rows you want to generate items for are in the range:

  3. Problem: Not all values are imported.
    Reason 1: (Range in gadget settings is incorrect. (See above)
    Reason 2: Publisher and Album currently have bugs which prevent Listomni from importing them. (Fix is on the way.)

  4. Problem: Can't Edit the spreadsheet.
    Reason: Are you working off of a copy of the link I send above? See the setup steps. Verify you did "Create Copy" and that you have the copy open.

  5. Problem: Can't Select "Create a Copy" in the setup steps Reason: Are you signed into google? (probably not.)
  6. Problem: Link is not clickable or Highlighted Reason: Ensure Google Mail is in Rich Text mode and not Plain Text mode.
  7. Problem: Listomni Crashes when selecting a target list. Reason: Ensure that number fields don't have any Currency or % symbols in them, and that Dates are all formated like this: January 11, 2009.

Known Issues:

  1. Less than elegant.
  2. It doesn't work for more than one or two items in Internet Explorer.
  3. Click to Compose Gmail message doesn't open compose window unless you've logged into Gmail already.
  4. No way to specify times on dates.
  5. Dates are not imported as "All Day Dates"
  6. Can't format Currency or Percentage Columns.
  7. Can't yet import Fuel Economy Log