Pocket Magic

Never leave home without the ability to amaze your friends again!

A great magic trick for entertaining the family.



"Now I always have a way to break the ice in those stressful business meetings." George Williams VP Sales

"I wish my school allowed cell phones as all my friends would be amazed!" High School Senior

"I just can't quite figure out how it works with all the variations, but I love amazing my friends!" Stay at Home Mom

Choose your magic number, answer a few simple questions, wave your hands like all good magicians do and presto, your magic number is revealed! Made for expert magicians and apprentices alike.

Apprentice mode provides detailed step by step instructions to help you through the illusion. Once you have mastered the illusion you can turn apprentice mode off.

Tired of having your own mind read, turn on Magician Mode so you can easily perform the trick on your friends.

Is it mind reading or just an illusion, you decide!

Enrich the Moment!